Shaping Peace- and Justice- Together: Celebrating the World Peace Day 2020 amidst COVID-19

Today the world celebrates the International Day of Peace. The 2020 theme is “Shaping Peace Together.” The International Peace Day 2020 comes during a time when the world faces the coronavirus pandemic. As we mark this auscpicious day, it is important to celebrate life, compassion, kindness and hope that has been demonstrated in the world and in Kenya in the face of a pandemic that has sought to completely changed our way of life and social interaction.

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Kituo Hold Free Legal Aid Clinic

Kituo Cha Sheria (Kituo) on Tuesday, 15, September 2016 held a one day FREE LEGAL AID CLINIC at the head office. The objective was to reach out to many poor Kenyans with legal problems but cannot afford the high fees charged by legal professionals. Kituo has mapped out core areas in which her mandate extends and this includes land, housing, labour, succession and forced migration.The noble endeavor presented an opportunity to interact with poor and deserving Kenyans who find justice expensive to attain. The event also created a platform for Kituo advocates, volunteer advocates, paralegals and clients to celebrate [...]

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