Alternative Justice Systems (AJS) Piloting in Endebess

Piloting of Alternative Justice System (AJS) with a holistic approach for the people of Endebess using Future Perspectives


Since 2015, KITUO has been leading conversations with the 317 survivors across the 13 regions throughout Kenya, of the 2007-2008 Post Election Violence with the aim of offering redress to crime against property ownership. The consultations were conducted with the support of 26 Community-based Organizations (CBO) who identified the respondents in their areas of operation. However, the conversations with the survivors and offenders of the Post Election Violence of 2007-2008 have pointed to the need of systems that is responsible to the quest for forgiveness, justice and reconciliation.

Kituo cha Sheria was in Endebess, Trans-Nzoia County  in September 2017 to meet with the survivors and offenders while piloting AJS with a holistic approach.

Alternative Justice Systems are mechanisms of solving disputes or/and conflicts between parties without recourse to the courts. The methods used in the AJS processes include mediation, negotiation and where ever possible reconciliation. Through AJS, the conflicting parties are brought together to dialogue and agree on a voluntary basis in order to forge a way forward. The focus of  AJS mechanisms is for now primarily on civil cases.

Endebess was one of the heavily affected areas by the 2007-2008 Post Election Violence. Ethnic squabbles between Bukusu, the majority and Sabaot,  the minority, have led to increasing tensions and violence during post elections period, leading to deaths, destruction of property and a considerable number of IDPs. Areas affected by violence in Endebess division include Kwanza District,Koibe location, specifically Kimondo, Katatha and Salama.


The affected population in Endebess can be divided into two groups; the first group are the IDPs who are now settled in camps. Most of IDPs came from Salama, Katatha and to a less extent Endebess Schemes,Kimondo and Chapturagai. The second group is the host community, which originates from the Endebess area.

Implementing officers of the project included Barbara Weghofer- CPS Peace Building Advisor; Martha Ogutu- Legal Officer and Jack Odiwa as the Local Expert.

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