Kituo Cha Sheria always seeks to have proper and well coordinated working relationship between and among its staff members and to ensure it meets this objective, the organization holds annual team building events to strengthen the staff bond and empower them on the need to work as a team to achieve results.

On 20th October 2016, the Kituo team of all staff drawn from the Head office, Nairobi branch office and the Mombasa regional office converged at the Travellers Beach Hotel and Spa in Mombasa County for this year’s event. The staff was joined by members of the Kituo board; Joy Asiema and John Chigiti. The event was facilitated by Elijah Changa, Muriuki Muigai and Thomas Muli of Face to Face, an organization specializing in team building and outdoor recreation activities.

Fun activities…

The facilitators began the day by introducing themselves and stating the overall objective of the day as “bonding and having fun”. They continued by setting agreed ground rules before embarking on the first activity christened “Mingle”. This was meant to warm up the body and stretch muscles in readiness for the other activities. The next activity was meant to improve team work, innovativeness and communication skills followed closely by another one for non verbal communication before the team took a deserved break to hydrate.

After the break there was an activity on effective ways of communication and decision making, leadership and the essence of good planning. “Paty ball” followed and was meant for effective ways of solving problems and adapting to new ways of working. The most interesting and participatory even was the “Ball in bucket”, this showed how to appreciate the effort of other colleagues and to be a brothers or sisters keeper. It emphasized on the values of Respect and Trust.

Having travelled to Mombasa the event would have been incomplete without water activities, which happened in the pool with rounds of water polo before staff members extended the party to the Indian Ocean.

Achieving results…

One of the most powerful reasons for team building is to get results as team bonding brings people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork with fun activities that help them see each other in a different light allowing them to connect in a different setting. Team Kituo came back refreshed and re-energized ready to close-out the year and achieve even greater results.

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