Asian Leadership Colloquium in Thailand







Kituo Cha Sheria’s Executive Director Gertrude Angote attended the Asian Leadership Colloquium on Legal Empowerment and Access to Justice in Bangkok, Thailand from 13th to 15th December 2017. The Colloquium was organized by the Centre for Peace and Justice of BRAC University-Dhaka, Bangladesh with support from the Open Society Justice Initiative.

The main objective of the colloquium was to learn about the various activities and programmes being undertaken by various players on legal empowerment and access to justice, showcasing successes and challenges. The colloquium allowed participants to collectively brainstorm on legal empowerment innovations that may lead to more sustainable efforts.; contribute ideas on how the various legal empowerment organizations in the region can collaborate and contribute to each other’s success and strength; and forge a consensus on the way forward and immediate next steps on possible regional collaboration for legal empowerment.

The Executive Director, Ms. Angote was also part of the African Centre of Excellence (ACE) for Access to Justice team at the colloquium that shared experiences on ACE-AJ’s African legal empowerment programmes as well as international programmes and best-practice.

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