Kituo Conducts a Legal Aid Clinic and VA Drive in Kisii County

Kituo Cha Sheria on Monday, 30th September 2019 conducted a Volunteer Advocates Drive and Training in Kisii County. The recruitment drive and training workshop for advocates preceded a FREE legal aid clinic in Kisii Town, Kisii County held on Tuesday, 1st October 2019.

Kituo’s Legal Aid and Education Department (LAED) officers together with the newest members of our Volunteer Advocates’ Scheme from Kisii County held the day-long forum at the Magharibi Garden Hotel in Kisii Town. One of the ways KITUO seeks to ensure access to justice is by encouraging advocates to adopt its value of volunteerism. Kituo in this regard has a robust Volunteer Advocates scheme that draws advocates from across the country. With the growing number of clients travelling to Kituo’s Nairobi office from Kisii County and its environs seeking legal assistance, it was imperative that the VAs pool is refreshed.

20 advocates based in Kisii County joined KITUO’s VA scheme and were at the same time trained on the Legal Aid Act, 2016. Discussions during the training workshop centred on section 56(f) of the Act and the legal aid service. The successful recruitment exercise will make referrals of clients to the advocates easy and save the clients the cost of travelling from Kisii County which is costly.

On Tuesday, 1st October, 2019 the Kisii Advocates and the Kituo cha Sheria team (John Mwariri and Nathan Kivungi) attended to a total of forty three (43) clients who sought legal assistance on land, labour and housing matters. The legal aid clinic held at the Kisii Law Courts Parking Yard came a day after a training workshop with the volunteer advocates in Kisii. Diverse legal matters were presented to the team with grievances about land, succession and inheritance being the most prevalent among those who attended.

For citizens, limited access to information, complex laws and procedures regulating land ownership, and insufficient access to justice are some of the driving forces behind land-related issues in Kisii County. Kituo continues to engage and recruit volunteer advocates in almost all the 47 counties in Kenya to assist the organization reach its clientele from these far-flung areas.

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