The Refresher Training was for AJS Commissioners and Adjudicators in Trans Nzoia County

AJS TN2Kituo Cha Sheria conducted a five-day refresher training for Alternative Justice Systems (AJS) Commissioners and Adjudicators in Trans Nzoia County from 29th July-2nd August 2019. The activity which was supported by GIZ took place at the Catholic Diocese Hall-St. Immaculate Parish, Kitale and was spearheaded by Kituo Advocates Roy Kiarie and Valarie Angawa.

The aim of the activity was to promote access to justice for the community in Trans Nzoia through a holistic approach of the AJS mechanism which is a locally molded safe platform of settling the 2007/2008 PEV disputes without recourse to the courts. The methods used in the AJS processes include mediation, negotiation and reconciliation. Through AJS; the disputing parties are brought together to dialogue and agree on a voluntary basis in order to forge a way forward.

The Commissioners who are composed of PEV victims and offenders, village elders, members of the community, religious leaders and community representatives work to create awareness on the AJS mechanism in the community and take statements of the parties during the AJS processes and also work on a complementary basis with the Adjudicators who are neither victims nor offenders of the 2007/2008 PEV, to facilitate the dialogue or negotiations between the disputing parties during AJS hearings and document agreements.

Both the Commissioners and Adjudicators were offered paralegal training on land, property, and succession laws to empower them in promoting reconciliation in the community by settling more PEV related and community disputes.

The refresher training was important in bridging the knowledge gaps exposed during previous hearings and making the Commissioners and Adjudicators more efficient, effective and tactical in settling community disputes in line with KITUO’S core mandate of promoting access to justice to the poor and marginalized in the community.

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