Kituo Conducts Court Users Committee Training in Nairobi

IMG-20190729-WA0008Kituo Conducts Court Users Committee Training in Nairobi

Kituo Cha Sheria through the Forced Migration Program (FMP) and supported by UNHCR-Kenya held a Training and Sensitization Workshop for Nairobi Court Users Committee (CUC) members. The training was conducted in collaboration with the Refugee Affairs Secretariat and the International Rescue Committee for three days from the 24th to 26th July, 2019 at the PrideInn Hotel in Westlands, Nairobi.

In an effort to implement one of FMP’s mandates in sensitizing and conducting training for stakeholders on refugee law and refugee protection in the urban area, FMP together with UNHCR-Kenya conducted the training and sensitization workshop with trainees constituted of officers who interact with refugees and asylum seekers in the courts on a day to day basis. The training on Refugee Law and Refugee Protection attracted 20 participants in an attempt to build the knowledge capacity of Court Users on how to handle forced migrants i.e. Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

The influx of urban based refugees has led to interaction by refugees with officers in the legal system and court structures. A majority of these officers have a limited knowledge of refugee matters e.g. legal framework & registration processes, documentation, rights and duties of refugees, etc. The knowledge gap affects their ability to adequately deal with refugees’ needs and constrains them in terms of legal protection.

Participants were educated about the different types of forced migrants including asylum seekers, refugees, IDPs, returnees, stateless persons and economic migrants. They were also enlightened on the distinction between camp-based refugees and urban-based refugees and reasons for their existence/classification.

The CUC members expressed their gratitude to Kituo for organizing the workshop and requested that this be carried out with increased frequency. The training was spearheaded by Kituo officers Yunia Atieno and Ms. Charity Wangui.

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