DSCN0129Kituo Cha Sheria (Kituo) held its 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 19th December, 2019, at the Kituo Gardens, Head office-Nairobi. The annual event brought together Members of the Kituo AGM including the Board of Directors, Program heads and representative of staff to receive program and financial reports and the financial audit of the previous year.

Led by the Board of Directors chair, Mr. Justus Maithya Munyithya, the Members were taken through programmatic as well as financial reports. The financial Audit of the previous year was also presented to the members. They lauded the effort put in by Kituo members of staff and the Board of Directors throughout the year in pursuit of access to justice for the poor and marginalized people in society. The Executive Director (ED), Dr. Annette Mbogoh presented to the members the Secretariat’s progress report as well during the AGM.

Kituo’s AGCP programme also launched the M-Haki toolkit during the AGM. The toolkit is a collection of tools that can assist professionals and practitioners who strive for better access to justice by the public. M-Haki; an innovation which offers legal aid information through a mobile phone text messaging (SMS) empowers the public through information.

The meeting ended at around 3.00pm with lunch being served at the venue and each member carrying home a gift voucher as a way of thanking them for their dedication in service. Kituo wishes to thank its development partners notably, Misereor, UNHCR, GIZ/ CPS, Commonwealth-Redress, American Jewish World Service, and the Royal Dutch Embassy for providing financial and technical assistance towards the implementation of our various programmes/projects in an eventful 2019.

Kituo also extend our gratitude and appreciation to the Government of Kenya for providing a conducive environment for our operations and for the collaborations that Kituo has enjoyed through the various Ministries and government agencies.

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