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Kituo Walks the talk on access to Justice; Free Legal Aid Clinic

Kituo Cha Sheria (Kituo) on Thursday, 5, 2016 held a one day FREE LEGAL AID CLINIC at the head office. The objective was to reach out to many poor Kenyans with legal problems but cannot afford the high fees charged by legal professionals. Kituo has mapped out core areas in which her mandate extends and this includes land, housing, labour, succession and forced migration.

The noble endeavor presented an opportunity to interact with poor and deserving Kenyans who find justice expensive to attain. The event also created a platform for Kituo advocates; volunteer advocates and lawyers to celebrate the Labour Day celebrated every first of May in a unique way, offering Legal advice to the poor common mwananchi on pro-bono basis.
This venture attracted clients from all over Kenya who thronged Kituo’s head office as early as 6.30 am. Hundreds of clients with diverse legal problems were given legal assistance free of charge. The event is normally dedicated to giving a chance to the large number of clients that Kituo may not be able to accommodate in our daily busy schedule.
During such events Kituo welcomes volunteer advocates and various practicing lawyers as well as the Students Association for Legal Aid and Research (SALAR) from Nairobi University to assist.  The lawyers interview the clients and offer appropriate advice. If need be a follow up process is initiated through appointments.
The Clinic assisted 44 men and 23 women clients. Of these 23 had labour related matters, 2 had housing related matters, 18 land and succession and 19 had Legal issues on human rights violations. It also assisted 9 group clients.

We continue to provide legal empowerment to the poor and marginalized to realize our vision of a society of Justice and equity for all.

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