Labour Day Free Legal Aid Clinic

On Wednesday, 4th May, 2017 from 8.00am at Kituo Head Office, Kituo cha Sheria held a successful FREE legal aid clinic.

The annual activity for Kituo corresponding with May Day (Labour Day) celebrations is in line with our overall objectives of assisting the poor and marginalized to access justice.

The legal clinic involved Kituo’s legal staff, volunteer advocates and law students all united by the objective of empowering the public through legal aid and education. Members of the public with labour, land, housing and human rights’ legal issues among others were assisted.

A total of 113 persons (88 male and 25 female) with various issues were attend to. 45 of these had labor issues, 30 land, 11 civil while the rest had issues ranging from succession, child maintenance, tort, criminal, copyright and business.

The forum offered an opportunity to not only assist clients with legal issues but also create awareness on labour laws and workers’ rights for those in attendance. Although Kenya’s Constitution has a progressive Bill of Rights, a culture has evolved in Kenya over the decades of unjust relationships between workers with their employers, this will take time to curb but Kituo continue to work hard to stand for the marginalized.

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