On Tuesday 14th January 2020, Dr. Victoria Miyandazi and Mr. James Gardner from Action 4 Justice met with Dr. Annette Mbogoh, Mr. John Mwariri and Ms. Diana Ndashiki from Kituo Cha Sheria to discuss partnership on a web platform that Action 4 Justice is creating that would be used to disseminate legal information.

Action 4 Justice is a global civil society platform that was formed by a coalition of NGOs including Greenpeace, Oxfam, Transparency International, IHRDA and the Forest People’s Programme. The Society seeks to improve access to social justice for disadvantaged communities by providing practical and accessible advice on rights–related public interest litigation to duty bearers, practitioners and CSOs working with these communities in rural and urban areas.

The content of the web platform will be Kenyan specific- The language, laws and case studies will be within the Kenyan context. The website will be free of charge and open to all. It will cover a wide range of legal issues including land rights, women rights, right to health and migration. So far two detailed step-by-step draft guides on Land Rights and Right to Health have been developed. These cover the process of litigation and the types of pleadings to be filed at each stage of the process. It will also include videos and animations in different languages so as to reach as many people as possible including the illiterate and those who only speak native languages.

Kituo will assist in drafting legal topic modules e.g forced migration, citizenship and gender-based violence. Once material is produced it will go through a validation period where other stakeholders including judges will have time to go through, track changes, make additions and finalize. This will ensure that the material on the website is accurate, clear and concise. Kituo having been party to many PIL cases can provide briefs on the same which will be used as case studies under different topics. Kituo will also assist in dissemination/distribution of Action 4 Justice’s work- Kituo Cha Sheria having access to their target group, which is the disadvantaged communities can help in spreading word about the website using various means including videos, brochures, booklets, handbooks and templates on court pleadings.

The Action 4 Justice project will make legal research easier, promote pro bono services and assist self-represented Kenyans who cannot afford or access legal aid. Kituo Cha Sheria would love to partner and be part of this project to enhance access to justice for minorities.

The Kituo Cha Sheria team recommended that the website should feature not only prevalent issues like Land rights but also emerging or current issues like terrorism. Organizations that provide material or content should be acknowledged on the website. There needs to be a Memorandum of Understanding between Kituo Cha Sheria and Action for Justice for the partnership to begin.

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