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Kituo Undertakes PIL Training for Paralegals

Public Interest Litigation (PIL)Training Workshop for Paralegals

Kituo took part in a Public Interest Litigation Training Workshop for paralegals that took place at Masada Hotel in Naivasha from the 26th to 29th March 2017. The successful training workshop saw Kituo partner with KPTJ, ICJ Kenya and the Legal Resources Foundation in the delivery of the training. 30 paralegals from different Counties in Kenya completed the training workshop which covered defining aspects of Public Interest Litigation, the role of paralegals in the context of PIL and the impact of paralegals in PIL.

The workshop also assisted the paralegals with assessing the potential of a PIL action, strategies for effective PIL work, case selection and preparation, building partnerships and networks and mapping new PIL Cases.

The training workshop was strategic in building the capacity of paralegals to enable them to understand the nature and scope of public interest litigation; disseminate the information to the public, and map out and refer public interest cases for review and possible litigation.

The role of paralegals in the public interest litigation support matrix cannot be gainsaid. Paralegals are often among the first public spirited individuals to come into contact with potential litigants as they traverse the community listening and resolving their disputes. With the enactment of the Legal Aid Act 2016, the roles of paralegals have become even more prominent. For the first time, the role of paralegals in promoting access to justice has been anchored in law. The Legal Aid Act empowers paralegals to render advice and assistance. The formal recognition of the role of paralegals in the provision of legal aid will undoubtedly enhance their reach and effectiveness to beneficiaries who are mostly the poor, vulnerable or marginalized groups who do not ordinarily access legal services including access to legal information.

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  1. kiprono April 5, 2017 at 2:16 pm - Reply

    i would like to participate in your training .

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