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Kituo Cha Sheria conducted one-week training for 25 Community paralegals from Kibra Community Justice Centre. The training that took place at the Heron Portico Hotel in Nairobi County from 10th to 15th May 2021 aimed to re-instill self-confidence and brush up on the legal skills necessary for the paralegals to carry out their daily activities of enhancing access to justice through public education and free legal services within the communities.

The training was organized by our Advocacy Governance and Community Partnerships program supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands under the objective to promote access to justice for the poor and marginalized.

The training saw participants introduced to Paralegalism. This included Kituo and paralegal work, roles and qualities of a paralegal. Human Rights and general provisions in relation to the Bill of Rights under Chapter Four of the Constitution were covered with emphasis on the Rights of arrested persons and Right to fair hearing as provided for under the Constitution.

Participants were also trained on the difference between Civil, Socio-economic and Political Rights as well as the application of Human Rights using examples of cases they handle at the Kibra Community Justice Centre. The participants were also taken through Criminal Law and Procedure; Who has the power to arrest, How do you arrest, How do you confirm if a warrant is valid, Arresting using reasonable force.

Other issues such as Bail & Bond were discussed as well as The role of the legal place of paralegalism with regards to legislations such as the 2014 Legal Aid Act, 2014 Small Claims Court Act, 2014 Victims Protection Act, 2016 Witness Protection Act and the 2001 Children’s Act.

Group discussions were held and presentations made on provision on hearing and determination of cases and Hierarchy of Courts in Kenya.

Other topics discussed during the course of the training include Land Law and Conveyance; Labour Law including rights and duties of both employees and employers; Types of Alternative Dispute Resolutions as well as its advantages; Mental Health and; Environmental Law and Environmental Management.

Topics such as Family Law and Succession as well as Gender Based Violence brought about heated discussions that fully engaged the participants. The training ended with a session from our forced migration team taking participants though means and importance of protecting one’s Mental Health as well as Refugee law.

The training culminated in a graduation ceremony where certificates were issued. The event was graced by Mr. Justice Munyithia Chairman Board the Director of Kituo Cha Sheria and Mrs Joy Asiema, Board Member.

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