About Kakamega Prison Justice Centre


Kakamega prison Justice Centre was launched on 22nd of December, 2016 after a one-week training at Kakamega G.K. prison from 16th to 22nd December 2016 respectively. 24 inmates and 11 prison warders from Kakamega G.K. prison were  empowered with legal education on, Basics of Paralegalism, Introduction to Human Rights and Bill of Rights, Criminal Procedure Code Cap 75 Laws of Kenya, Powers of the Judiciary, Bail and Bond Guidelines, Trial procedures before Subordinate and High Court, Sentencing policy and Execution of judgments, Appeals process in the Lower courts and High court, Self-representation in criminal matters, Power of Mercy Act, The Prisons Act and Community Service Order and Provisions relating to criminal investigations and mode of taking and recording evidence during trial.

The trained inmates and warders have been able to offer free legal aid services to other inmates and more than 5,000 inmates have since been released. The benefits accruing from the establishment and training of prison justice centres extend beyond individual cases to include general communal and societal benefits such asspeedy processing of cases; fair and impartial trials; and the reduction of prison populations while ensuring that justice is fair and accessible.