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Kituo FMP staff trained on Fraud

In a stepped up bid to combat fraud, the UN refugee agency-UNHCR-Kenya conducted a special training course for Kituo members of staff at the Forced Migration Programme (FMP) office, Jogoo Road, Nairobi. The training was conducted by Richard Grindell, a Refugee Status Determination (RSD) Officer at UNHCR-Kenya on 28th February, 2017. The ongoing series of training is meant for frontline staff working in the resettlement programmes for various agencies who work with the UN refugee agency and was attended by all Kituo FMP members of staff.

The participants from the programme took part in the important training and were taken through a wide range of practices to watch out for, including identity and document fraud, accounts of phony security incidents or events, fake medical reports and bribery.

The staffs were urged to remain vigilant for “red flags” or signs of possible fraud or corruption; they also prepared a list of situations which could create opportunity for fraud and corruption in the work environment.

“If your systems are weak and the management oversight in resettlement is modest or inadequate, it all comes together to create an opportunity for fraud,” said Mr. Grindell.

Kimani Rucuiya, FMP thanked the UNHCR officer for taking Kituo staff through the training who were in agreement on its importance in handling everyday work situations.

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