Kituo recruits Volunteer Advocates in Nanyuki and Isiolo

Kituo’s volunteer advocates (VA) scheme is an important pillar in the realization of Kituo’s mandate and fulfillment of its mission. The scheme has registered advocates from all the major towns in the country who commit to give pro bone services to indigent clients. Kituo processes many clients with legal issues during its daily clinics. Clients who are needy but do not fall under the core mandate areas of labour, land, housing and refugee rights are normally referred to volunteer advocates for assistance. Similarly clients coming from far- flung areas are also referred to volunteer advocates near their home areas in order to save them from travelling long distances.

In the week of 1st-6th August, 2016 Kituo embarked on an exercise to enhance its VA network by carrying out recruitment drives in Nanyuki (Laikipia County) and Isiolo(Isiolo County) towns.

The recruitment exercises began with brief opening remarks about Kituo Cha Sheria given by legal officer Ms. Rhoda Maina touching on when Kituo was founded, the reason behind Kituo’s inception, founders, and our growth to-date and more importantly the need for volunteer advocates.

Kituo’s VAs provide pro bono services to the poor citizens of this country who cannot raise legal fees but are in need of justice. Together with Kituo lawyers Rhoda Maina and Janet Machoka, the newly recruited VAs thereafter took part in organized free legal aid clinics in Nanyuki and Isiolo where the respective communities benefited.

The VAs expressed gratitude to Kituo Cha Sheria for seeing the essence to engage them in offering pro bono services to the poor and marginalized, they unanimously agreed to support Kituo in carrying out its mandate as guided.

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