Since its inception, KITUO has considerably grown in both strength and numbers and due to this growth; the Human Resource Management (HRM) department was established. The goal of the HRM department is to help KITUO meet its strategic goals by attracting and maintaining right employees and managing them effectively for greater organizational performance. The functions of the department among other things, include : Workforce planning; recruitment and selection; induction and orientation; skills management; training and development; personnel administration; compensation in wage and salary; time management; record keeping of all personal data; payroll; employee benefits administration; confidential advice to employee in relations to problems at the workplace; industrial and employee relations; health and safety; performance appraisal; and providing general support services to employees.


Goal: To attract, maintain, and manage right employees for effective institutional capacity strengthening and achievement of organization’s strategic goals.


  1. To establish effective human resource management department for strategic management of the workforce and improvement of performance.
  2. To carry out effective recruitment and placement of professional and competent human resource in core areas.
  3. To effectively and efficiently manage the personal data of all employees from their recruitment to separation.
  4. To ensure that KITUO has at all times competent, professional, empowered and harmonious workforce.
  5. To ensure KITUO is compliant with all the labour laws and statutory requirement.
  6. To provide support services to all departments and programmes for effective and efficient service delivery.
  7. To develop up-to-date responsive policies that address day-to-day organizational issues and activities
  8. To establish and sustain meaningful and beneficial partnerships with key stakeholders