The Finance and Administration Department (FAD) of KITUO is responsible for all of the financial aspects of the organization to achieve its objectives through accounting, finance, tax and other financial areas. Thus, it forms the institutional support function in KITUO by ensuring financial well-being and availability of the finances for day to-day operations and overseeing investments strategies for future sustainability and growth. Currently, the department comprises of two sections namely, the finance section and the administration section, which deals with the day to day running of the organization and all related logistical support.

 The Department’s priority areas include: production of prudent and sound financial reports; step up resource mobilization for financial sustainability; effective and efficient financial systems in place alongside proper financial policies; ensure that operations are effective and efficient in supporting the institution and programmes; strengthen human resource function to ensure staff development, motivation and retention; and responsive logistical support to all functions of KITUO.


Goal: A functional, effective and efficient financial and administrative department at KITUO for prudent management of KITUO’s financial and efficient administrative service delivery.



  1. To have effective efficient and operational financial management.
  2. To review and strengthen the financial systems of KITUO for productivity and communication
  3. To effectively and efficient coordinate administrative and logistical support towards meeting organizational targets and objectives
  4. To increase and diversify KITUO resource-base for sustainability including the completion of House of Justice project
  5. To procure quality goods and services in a cost effective manner
  6. To establish and maintain a functional security system
  7. To improve the image of the organization through enhanced customer care service and profiling
  8. To ensure effective and functional intra and inter communication system.
  9. To monitor and evaluate all financial and administrative activities for performance improvement.