About Kisii Community Justice Center

Kisii Community Justice centre was launched on 11th June 2021 after intensive training of the paralegals from the 7th to 11th of June 2021 at the Ufanisi Resort.

The training saw participants introduced to Paralegalism. This included being trained on definition, role, qualities and essential skills of a paralegal.

Participants were also taken through Gender Law and SGBV, Land Law, Labor Law and Succession matters, Criminal Law and Procedures, principles governing Criminal Law, Human Rights and its Principles as well as Mental Health. Following the successful training, participants graduated on Friday 11th June, 2021.

The Kisii Community Justice Centre located at Nyatero Plaza in Kisii town was also officially launched by KITUO Board Member Mr. Okech Awiti.

The Justice Centre is managed by the trained community paralegals who offer free legal services to community members.

Bobasi Masige Community Based Organization
P.0. Box 1504, Kisii
Location: Nyatero Plaza in Kisii town
Tel: 0705 540 200


Peaceful communities free of poverty, human rights abuse and gender violence.


To provide informal education for transformational leadership, development, Human Rights and peaceful coexistence through training, counseling and creativity.


To increase awareness of the local community on development, governance and human rights issues, including gender, HIV and AIDS and the environment.

Enable local communities and individuals to:

  1. Build strong, viable and strong communities as a social force for poverty reduction, justice and human rights respect.
  2. Build peace and reconciliation for peaceful and harmonious coexistence.
  3. Intergrate gender perspectives at all operational levels of the CBO activities for building equality for all.
  4. Gain skills on new techniques of agricultural practices and environmental conservation.
  5. Do collection marketing of their agricultural produce for improved incomes.
  6. Denounce and reform from the effects of drug abuse and unprotected/careless sex.
  7. Gain skills for embracing participatory development for collective empowerment.
  8. Work towards prevention of HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.
  9. Learn and act on gender inequalities in order to promote shared responsibility. Gain skills and knowledge on alternative dispute resolution in order to promote peaceful co= existence.
  10. Learn and understand the constitution of Kenya and build confidence in approaching governance, human rights and other issues affecting their lives.
  11. Enter into any arrangement with the government or authorities or CBOs/NGOs that may seem conducive to CBO objectives.
  12. Extend development programmes from the local community to our neighbouring communities.
  13. Build a strong and committed membership for ownership of the CBO.
  14. Invest money in the organization not immediately required in any of the modes of investment of trust money as the executive committee may from time to time decide.
  15. Apply to government or partners or private companies/individuals for grants for promotion of the organization’s attivities.
  16. Create opportunities for information sharing and support by other CBOs in the project area.
  1. Membership of the CBO may be made up of paralegal-trained members nominated or elected by members of the community upon payment of the agreed registration fee.
  2. The members of the CBO are the members who have been duly nominated or elected to act on behalf of the community in establishing the CBO and whose names appear in the records.
  3. Membership will be effective from the date of signature by the members of this constitution and will be for a fixed term of four years subject to renewal.
  4. The CBO may agree to admit institutional members from time to time.
  5. The members of the community in a general meeting may agree to admit further individual groups or members from time to time.
  6. Membership of the CBO may be granted to persons other than those mentioned above or withheld, suspended, or canceled at the discretion of the members of the community in a general meeting.
  7. The members of the community may call on the CBO to cancel the membership of any member who breaks the rules of this constitution.
  8. Through a resolution adopted by a two-thirds majority or by the members of the community in a general meeting, the CBO will be entitled to remove any of the members, whether they were nominated or elected.
  1. The CBO will be made up of at least fifteen (15) and not more than seventy five (75) persons, who will be elected/nominated by the members of the community in a general meeting.
  2. In the general meeting, the members of the community will be required to identify and appoint a chairperson, a secretary and their respective deputies, organizing secretary and a treasurer and a project coordinator. There must be agreement that where possible, persons elected to these offices should have the necessary skills to perform their specific functions and/or must be willing to undergo training to perform such functions.
  3. Each member of the CBO will have the power to appoint one other person to act as his or her alternate during a temporary absence or inability to act. The alternate must not be disqualified from acting under this constitution and must have been approved by majority of the remaining members of the CBO. The alternate will be entitled and required to exercise all powers and authorities of such members whom he or she represents, subject to any specific limitation confirmed in writing by the member whom he or she represents

Composition of the CBO officials

The CBO officials shall consist of:

  1. The progamme coordinator
  2. Chairperson
  3. Vice-chairperson
  4. Secretary
  5. Vice secretary
  6. Treasurer/accounts clerk
  7. Project director
  8. Project Coordinator
  9. Ex-Officio

Background and Purpose


Kisii Comunity Justice Centre also known as Bobasi Masige C.B.O is made up of trained paralegals from Kisii and Nyamira counties who upon realizing of prevailing human rights, gender violence, and poverty among the communities of Kisii and Nyamira decided to pool their resources together for effective planning and implementation of remedial activities. 

The organization is sustained by voluntary donations from members and any assistance from the community and development partners.


The main purpose of Bobasi Masige C.B.O is to promote integral development, including human rights and peace, gender violence among its members, and the local and ethnic communities living in Kisii and Nyamira counties.


News from Kisii Community Justice Center


Contact Info: Head Office - Nairobi

Location: Ole Odume Rd, Off Argwings Kodhek Rd.
Postal Add.: P.O. Box 7483-00300 Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: 3874191, 3874220, 3876290,
Fax: 3876295
Mobile: +254 734 874 221, +254 727 773 991

Email: info(at)


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