About Kisauni Constituency Development Initiative (KICODI)

The Kisauni Constituency Development Initiative (KICODI) is a community initiative started in 2009 with the objective of bringing together Community Based Organizations (CBOs), youth, women, people with special needs, religious organizations and leaders in Kisauni Constituency, with the objective of promoting development in the constituency.

This initiative came following a series of capacity building initiatives spearheaded by Kituo Cha Sheria and the Coast Development Lobby Group with support from the Development Innovations Group, under the Urbis Project.

    • Promote integration and development in Kisauni Constituency
    • Promote transparency and accountability in development issues
    • Advocate for the integration of community priorities into the Government agenda
    • To ensure equal/fair distribution of projects in Kisauni Constituency
    • To identify and network with strategic development partners
  • Carryout needs assessment in Kisauni constituency
  • Organize workshops/outreaches and barazas to empower the community on public funds and other development agenda.
  • Follow up on public funds and ensure that the intended beneficiaries benefit.
  • Advocate for integration of community priorities into Government agenda
  • Write memos/ petitions to relevant authorities to address community concerns
  • To conduct site visits to monitor development projects
  • To engage the government and strategic partners on the development agenda.
  • Mobilize community members to participate in development forums.
      • Organized public forums in the entire constituency where Kisauni residents were empowered with public funds.
      • Developed Community Action Plans in all the wards of Kisauni Constituency.
      •  Mobilized community members to participate in the LASDAP process.
      • Built a working relationship with leaders in the constituency.
      • Unified community members around development issues.
  • Comprises of registered CBOs in each ward of Kisauni Constituency.
  •  CBOs must be active; non-political and development-oriented.
  • Membership to the assembly is granted once a member has read the constitution, agrees to be bound by it, and upon payment of a membership registration fee of Kshs.300 and a monthly subscription fee of Kshs. 100.
  • Each ward holds its CBO assembly annually on the 1st week of July.
  • Comprises 21 members in each ward of Kisauni Constituency, making a total of 231 members.
  • Members represent women; men, youth; persons with disability; persons living with HIV/AIDS, religious organizations, retirees, village elders, and business operators. They are elected by the CBO assembly.
  • Their roles are to: advocate and articulate the needs of the ward, empower community members in the ward, present proposals to the constituency committee, and promote liaison with NGOs, CBOs, the private sector, and Government agencies.
  • Ward committee meetings are held at least once every month.
  • Comprises 2 members from each ward making a total of 22 members.
  • Members are elected by the ward committees.
  • Its roles are: to follow up on pressing issues in the constituency; act upon ward issues raised by ward committees; identify development opportunities and disseminate widely to Kisauni residents; and network with strategic partners.
  • The committee meets at least once every month

Through this centre NDFW hopes to work together to ensure:

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