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Korogocho Community Justice Centre (KCJCN) was established by a group of human rights defender who ware also trained paralegals and working in korogocho. This was done after need assessment conducted by the organizations working in korogocho.

It was facilitated by St John Catholic Church led by Fr john Webootsa who participated in bringing the paralegal to gather in collaboration with the international justice mission. Kituo Cha Sheria, chief justice Dr. Willy Mutunga, and other like-minded organizations. after the assessment, it was realized that there were a lot of injustices that ware going unpunished either because of poverty which leads to the high cost of contracting a lawyer or ignorance and lack of knowledge on the basic rights.

So the center came as a recognition to the marginalized members of the community through a unique approach to realize application and administration of the law, the center effectively became the first justice center in Korogocho providing legal advice, and awareness creation through education-based on matters of legal education, forced migration, advocacy, government and community partnership on legal matters.

This is done by documentation and reporting. Since its establishment, the center has handled almost 850 cases ranging from labor, accidents, child abuse /defilement /rape, housing, land, police abuse, and any other human rights violation the center has also hosted a lot of activities related to legal issues and awareness creation. The paralegals involved in the center have also been participating in observing general elections.


KCJCN aims to be a reputable organization in promoting human rights protection and enhancing access to justice for all.


KCJCN’s mission is to actively contribute to the human rights movement by creating and maintaining community participation in promoting human rights protection.


KCJCN’s goal is to have citizens with knowledge of human rights and legal procedures for creating an equitable and just environment for human dignity.

So far tremendous achievements have been realized in Korogocho, it has brought justice closer to the people.

It has worked closely with the partners such as Kituo Cha Sheria, International Justice Mission, Kutoka Network, Umande Trust under the umbrella of St John Catholic Church many people have benefited from free legal aid and alternative dispute resolution which is a key factor in peacebuilding.


The organization comprises of the coordinator as the head of the organizations who is also the secretary, chairman and the treasurer.

The executive committee consists of the above officials and other three trained paralegals which seats in the decision making alternative dispute resolution panel.

There are also nine (9) representatives from the nine villages of korogocho

  • To support, protect and promote to human rights movement in Korogocho and Kenya at large as per the constitution.
  • To promote adherence to the rule of the law and legal awareness.
  • To support, and develop initiatives within the community and protects the environment.
  • To empower members of the community on good health procedures and promote self-sustaining initiatives and enhance their ability to access justice through the public procedure system.
  • To create a long-term partnership with a like-minded organization for the benefit of the community.

In consideration that St. john’s Catholic church which is based in Korogocho Community and has the history of doing justice, is therefore well placed to be the one stop centre for referrals on matters of justice and to be the host of the activities and also Father in charge to be the patron.
In order to realize objectives of the Justice Center, the network galvanizes Governance, Human Rights and Health Programs and its activities are but not limited to Research, Advocacy and Networking on and for the Activities are therefore summarised as;

  • Hosting for community leaders’ justice planning and review meetings
  • Hosting a referral centre for community members who are still not conversant with the public justice procedures.
  • Provide Venue for training on justice issues
  • Venue for 1st rescue and support to victims of justice.
  • Venue for all community justice activities such as awareness creation, sensitization, all forms of education, rescue and prevention-casework referrals.
  • Platform for community to make social and political demands.
  • Resource Centre for justice related activities both in material and personnel.

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Contact Info: Head Office - Nairobi

Location: Ole Odume Rd, Off Argwings Kodhek Rd.
Postal Add.: P.O. Box 7483-00300 Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: 3874191, 3874220, 3876290,
Fax: 3876295
Mobile: +254 734 874 221, +254 727 773 991

Email: info(at)


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