Kituo cha Sheria Research project team conducted a series of interviews with the community members, government officials, paralegals, NGOs and local institutions to evaluate the impact of legal empowerment programmes on access to justice for the poor and marginalized. 

The team conducted interviews in 24 counties to collect data for evidence-based research to inform future programming on legal empowerment in Kenya. This will help identify gaps and recommend strategies that can bring transformative and systemic change.

Kituo is currently conducting a three-years research project to evaluate the impact of legal empowerment programming, the use of technology within the justice sector during the COVID- 19 pandemic and formalization of paralegals through recognition, training and accreditation.

The scope of the project is Kenya and the entire East Africa region. Lessons from other parts of Africa on these three questions will be shared as best practices. The research findings will not only inspire change in attitudes and practices among the public, state and non-state actors but also inform future programme design, innovation and strategy on legal empowerment.